About ISSE SE (Institute Sathya Sai Education South Europe)

The newly founded ISSE SE has set its focus.

Linked to the network of Sathya Sai Institutes that have sprouted around the globe during the past twenty years, it has now embarked on the adventure of promoting Sathya Sai Education throughout South Europe. Its immediate goal is to provide SSEHV orientation and training, while producing, at the same time, informative and inspirational resource material to enable and support the implementation of the programme.

The Institute exists to:

  • Provide a focal point for delivery of human values based educational and self-development programmes.
  • Through nationally recognised and accredited training, prepare adults to teach human values to children.

ISSE SE aims to inspire both adults and children to live moral and ethical lives and become constructive members of society, actively involved in the promotion of these values.

One methodology

Sathya Sai Institutes worldwide are binding these attempts into one methodology, focussing on integral education in which all four values stand out as the highest expression that the human personality can attain. According to this system the universal values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, and Love are completed by their natural outcome: the value of Non violence. Its methodology is offered in the light of EduCARE, which emphasizes spiritual oneness, as it facilitates and elicits the emergence of the inherent goodness and wisdom in all people (i.e. children), so that these qualities may manifest in countless expressions of Character (Unity of head, heart and hand). “The end of Education is Character” says Sathya Sai.

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