About the Founder of SSEHV – Sathya Sai

The SSEHV programme first took form in 1969 in India, inspired by the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba – Chancellor of the University of Higher Learning (deemed University at Prasanthi Nilayam - Andra Pradesh – India) and World Teacher. Since then Sathya Sai Schools have sprouted around the world, together with a network of Sathya Sai Institutes, established to promote and support the goals and aims of Sathya Sai Education with particular attention to teacher training. The schools and universities that bear his name are renowned for their academic excellence and high moral and ethical standards. He says that:

Just as two wings are essential for a bird to fly high in the sky, two wheels for a cart to move, so too the two types of education are needed for man to attain the goal of life. Spiritual education is for life, whereas worldly education is for a living. Only when man is equipped with these two aspects of education, can he e deserving of respect and adoration in society.

Sathya Sai recommends to plant the seed of EduCARE in the soil of one’s countries so that the essence of the programme may sprout into a local SSEHV tree, and bear foliage and fruit compatible to local culture and needs.

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