Our Goals

The Institute of Sathya Sai Education for South Europe has set its goals:

  • To bring value oriented education to the forefront,
  • To bring current value oriented trends in education together under one unifying vision,
  • To pin point a worldwide strategy and concerted plan of action to recover wholesome nourishment for ‘body, mind and soul’ starting from the education of the very young, accompanied by parenting programmes,
  • To empower teachers by reasserting the importance and nobility of their profession,
  • To find ways to offer the vision of Beauty, Truth and Goodness to our children so that their inherent nature may unfold and blossom, reaching out towards its noblest expression.

A life long learning process

True Education is not connected only to schooling – it is a life long learning process, and should be upheld by all segments of society; not as a political issue but as an overall social concern and responsibilty. Aiming at the welfare of all people the Sathya Sai Institute for Education in South Europe is guided by a vision of new world made possible thanks to a new awareness, in which harmony, peace and love prevail and life becomes paradise on earth.

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