How does the Programme work?

Love in thought is truth
Love in action is right action
Love in feeling is peace
Love in understanding is Non Violence


It is well known that today’s schooling is mostly intellectual and skill oriented, while it does little to develop good qualities and common sense. Having lost its authority over the moral behaviour of its students it fails to promote self-control, virtues and a conscientious attitude towards life in general. It so follows that if on one hand our children are being asked to grow fast to enable themselves to enter the world race… on the other they have no guidance, sense of direction or idea of what ‘it is all about’. SSEHV offers a plan of action and proposes new strategies in the field of education to re-orient and adjust this current trend, by suggesting something more lasting, constructive and fulfilling.

Its method is based on the assumption that the human personality is characterized by five fundamental aspects, each a domain in which learning takes place, experience is fostered and awareness is built. Being interrelated and interdependent these aspects need to be developed and coordinated in a harmonious way. Not only the physical, emotional and mental domains are taken into account but also the discriminative-intuitive faculty and the spiritual core of the human being, giving way to an integral approach to learning. When body, mind and soul blossom in unison, unity of thought, word and action is the result and if, at the same time, children are reared with the understanding that life does not depend solely on the acquisition of material goods and values, it will be easier to cater their attention towards noble pursuits and higher ideals. This is intrinsically possible for SSEHV as its philosophy lies on the firm conviction that there is an inherent power of beauty, truth and goodness within each individual, awaiting to be kindled and empowered through action. Role of the teacher and parent is to facilitate its emergence.

To this end SSEHV has associated the five aspects of the human personality with five values that represent their ideal expression, universal and acceptable by all cultures and creeds, and to five teaching techniques. The values of Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non violence are dealt with and explored with the help of quotation, story telling, group singing, silent sitting, and group activity.

SSEHV can be implemented either directly or indirectly, by adopting value lesson plans or by integrating value focus within the regular school topics, and can be easily adapted to an endless array of extra-curricular activities. Teachers and parents together who are trained in SSEHV hold the key to the effectiveness of the programme. Their commitment to practicing the values in their own lives and living up to them will ensure the impact it will have on the children.

“Good education is that which teaches the method of achieving world peace; that which destroys narrow-mindedness and promotes unity, equality and peaceful co-existence among human beings.”

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