The triple partnership


Children generally are good by nature and willing to do their duty and shine well in studies. One cause of their waywardness and occasional indiscipline lies with their elders who set poor examples of truth and self-control.

Children growing up in today’s world are exposed to countless influences. It is not only teachers and parents who affect children, but also their surroundings, including television, films, videos, internet, video-games, cell phones, etc. In school most students are under tremendous pressure to “succeed” and to pass examinations. Education which does not stress character development, or is not value orientated, leaves children to grow up without knowing how to cope with themselves and the world around them and with a false set of priorities and values. Children usually learn that being successful means wanting to get a good job and earn plenty of money, rather than wanting to work for the betterment of society and the world.


The teacher has the greatest role in moulding the future of the country. Of all professions his or hers is the noblest, the most difficult and the most important. If a teacher is dedicated and pure, thousands of children will be improved and the nation will gain from educated men and women of character.

Good teachers are those who realise the worth and importance of their work and consider the children they teach as dear to them as their own. For children to imbibe good values teachers must practise them and be examples to their students. This cannot be stressed enough. A teacher who is loving and kind, who is patient and filled with humility, will play a very vital part in building the good character of the students.

"The world has plenty of educated and intelligent persons but yet there is so much suffering all around. The ancient sages and seers are remembered even now, because they had in their hearts the welfare of Mankind, and they conducted their lives virtuously. A teacher is a shining light to the world."
Sathya Sai


Discipline is the mark of intelligent living. Parents should not allow children to fall away from their control, and wander about without compass or anchor. Many parents feed and fondle their children, and, then, in the name of freedom, leave them to find their own friends and pleasures. They take them to films regardless of the impression they create on their tender minds. They entertain the friends of their children, but do not inquire into their antecedents of habits. They even encourage their children to smoke and drink, not knowing they will one day have to rue their action.

The influence of parents on the children’s minds is very significant. It is actually the primary and predominant influence on the children’s personality and behaviour pattern. The early years of a child’s life are the most important for character development. Therefore the role of parents is vital as they are the first teachers. Parents have the responsibility to be good roles models for their children, which means that they must practise what they want them to follow. If parents and teachers set the right example, the students will automatically blossom into models of excellence.

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